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Stock market gained over Tk 101.85b capital last week

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The stock market has passed the fourth week of the current month (January) with a capital gain of Tk 101.85 billion in four days, according to the capital market’s data analysis on Saturday.

The capital of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) was Tk 7.56 trillion at the beginning of trading on the first working day of last week. On the last day, after the transaction on Thursday, the capital stood at Tk 7.67 trillion, an increase of Tk 101.85 billion.

The capital gain of the stock market in the previous week was Tk 21.49 billion in the previous week, says a UNB report. The investors' capital increased in the market for two consecutive weeks.

In the past week (January 22 to 26), trading was done on five working days. The first trading day marked a fall in the index, followed by a rise in the index in the next four consecutive days.

During this period, a total of 387 shares and units were traded in DSE. Among them, 63 companies' share prices increased, 119 decreased and 205 unchanged.

Among the companies traded in the previous week, 114 rose, 68 fell and 205 remained unchanged. The number of companies reducing prices has increased compared to the previous week.

However, the main index of DSE increased by 30 points from the previous week to 6,296 points in the outgoing week as the share prices of several companies increased.

Among the other two indexes of DSE, the DSES index increased by 6 points to 1,374 points and the DS-30 index increased by 22 points to 2,230 points from the previous week.

Although the index has increased, the volume of transactions has decreased. In the last week, the total transaction in DSE was Tk 30.50 billion, which was traded in the previous week for Tk 38.50 billion. That is, Tk 8.0 billion worth of transactions has decreased and as a percentage, it has decreased by 20.78 per cent.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), another capital market of the country, was also traded in the same condition.

In the last week, the overall index of CSE increased by 89 points to 18565 points. Tk 631.9 million were traded during this time, which was traded in the previous week for Tk 1.04 billion.

Among the traded companies, the share prices of 61 companies increased, 83 decreased and 134 remained unchanged.


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