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Automation threatens garment jobs

Picture used for representational purpose only. FE File Photo
Picture used for representational purpose only. FE File Photo

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Automation has put garment workers’ jobs in Bangladesh at risk as it has started being adopted considering its better output capacity.

Mohammadi Group, one of the renowned garments conglomerate, already replaced about 500 workers with machines.

According to a global media report, Rubana Huq, who serves as managing director of the group, justified the automation adoption.

She said it does not make sense for the company to slow itself down by not taking up the automation process when it can yield better.

With Mohammad Fashion Sweaters Limited phasing out manual labour since 2012, now it has only a few hundred workers.

In 2027 the knitting unit became fully automated and now the factory has only a few dozen workers supervising 173 machines.

Ready-made garment producers have become more attractive to the automation system due to the rising labour costs and advancements in technology.

Currently the garment industry accounts for three million of manufacturing jobs in the country and 80 per cent of its exports.

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