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Bangladeshi startup Dataful receives Amazon grant

Bangladeshi startup Dataful receives Amazon grant

Bangladeshi startup Dataful, participating in the final round of the Startup Istanbul Acceleration Progamme, has received 5,000 US dollars in a grant from Amazon, UNB reports.

The grant will be used to develop infrastructures of Dataful, according to a press release received on Saturday.

Amazon also provides this grant when an entrepreneur who has not received any institutional grant applies for it. In that case, the amount of the financial grant is worth 1,000 US dollars in a year.

Dataful, the country’s the first data journalism initiative, was recently selected for the final acceleration programme at the Startup Istanbul.

An expert jury board, comprising its members from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, had selected eight other startups, as well as Dataful, for the final round, out of 54 that participated in the event started from June 24.

Dataful was second on the final list.

Dataful plans to develop web and mobile apps based on open data, easing people's access to information about services for all sectors.

Startup Istanbul received 160,916 applications from 166 countries this year. Of them, five, including Dataful’s, were from Bangladesh.

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