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BD auctions white tea for first time

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CHATTOGRAM: For the first time in the history of tea auction in the port city of Chattogram, white tea was sold in the auction on Monday.

White tea was sold in the regular auction of the season.

Only 10 kilogram of white tea was displayed at the auction and it was sold at Tk 2,500 per kilogram.

Earlier, green tea was sold in the auction. But for the first time in Bangladesh, white tea was sold in the auction of tea here.

White tea was cultivated at National Tea Compamy's Champara garden.

Padma Tea Suppliers Limited bought the said White Tea from Monday's auction.

Purba Bangla Brokers Limited enlisted white tea for auction.

Tea experts said the demand for white tea is great in the United States. Kazi and Kazi Company regularly exported white tea to the USA from Bangladesh.

Some tourists used to buy white tea in Bangladesh. Only few garden can cultivate such tea in the country.

The price of white tea at retail level is Tk 8,000 to Tk 9,000 per kilogram.

Arifur Rahman, director of Purba Bangla Brokers Limited, said, "For the first time in the history of tea auction, white tea was sold in Chattogram Auction Centre."

"The grade of white tea is silver level. White teas originated from the Fujian state of China and some gardens in Bangladesh are cultivating white tea now."

Mr Rahman said white tea is more effective to reduce weight than Green Tea. It is costly than green tea.

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