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BTRC proposes terms and charges for VAS

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The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has proposed terms and charges for various telecom value-added services (VAS).

The VAS providers can charge up to Tk 2.0 for a one-day push and pull SMS based video and audio streaming service.

The providers can charge up to Tk 8.0 per day for video on-demand services.

Fees for one week will be Tk 30, for 15 days Tk 45, monthly Tk 80 and for three months up to Tk 200 for video on-demand service like dramas, movies, telefilms etc.

Charges will not exceed Tk 350 in case of service for six months.

The proposed terms and charges will be effective once post and telecom ministry approves it.

The telecom regulator has recently sent the proposal to the ministry.

According to proposed charges, the term for ring back tone will be fixed for one month and the charge will be Tk 30.

If any provider offers online gaming service using VAS, the term will be for one month and price is proposed at Tk 90, the proposal said.

Audio or video streaming service for one week was proposed up to at Tk 12, for 15 days at Tk 24 and for one month Tk 50.

Any push-pull based SMS service for one week was proposed up to at Tk 12, for 15 days at Tk 24 and for one month Tk 40, according to the proposal.

The proposed term and charge will be valid for a year once it is approved by the ministry.

The telecom regulator has so far approved 149 organisations for VAS service.

The VAS refers to those telecommunication services-other than the core services (voice call, SMS, data) -- that add value to the core services and are electronically consumable and deliverable through any access network services using direct operator billing and/or any payment method approved by the central bank.

On July 05 last year, the telecom regulator invited applications from competent organisations to grant registration certificate for running VAS business.

The commission also formulated guidelines with a view to bringing discipline in the overcrowded value-added service business and bringing the service providers under a regulatory framework.

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