China robotics industry sees booming growth

Xinhua | Published: August 22, 2019 15:22:47 | Updated: August 24, 2019 10:11:37

A robot for minimally invasive surgery exhibited at the World Robot Exhibition, part of the 2019 World Robot Conference, in Beijing

Industrial robot production in China reached 148,000 pieces in 2018, accounting for more than 38 per cent of the world's total, according to a Chinese official at the 2019 World Robot Conference.

The power of robots is on full display at the conference kicked off in Beijing from Tuesday, where more than 700 exhibits of the latest robot technologies and products are on display.

The global growth of industrial robots has slowed down this year due to the global economic environment and technological development problems, said Miao Wei, China's minister of industry and information technology.

However, with the global industrial upgrading accelerating, as well as technology innovation developing in the robotics industry, the industry will continue growing at a rapid pace, Miao added.

In recent years, China's industrial robot market has become the world's largest, accounting for one-third of global sales, according to a report released by the Chinese Institute of Electronics this month.

There are expected to be more than 130 robots per 10,000 people in China by 2021, according to the International Federation of Robotics.


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