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| Updated: June 10, 2021 10:42:41


One of the leading Bangladeshi conglomerates, Dekko ISHO Group has signed a monetary and strategic capital investment agreement with Eco Via, a bioplastic initiative with its own innovation in compostable polymer, led by three young entrepreneurs from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ceremony took place in Dekko ISHO’s corporate office and was attended by Mr. Prottoy Hossain, Director of Dekko ISHO Group, and the co-founders of Eco Via, Mr. Rashik Hassan, Mr. Riasat Zaman, and Mr. Ashfaqul Azam.

“This endeavor is a step towards integrating more sustainable practices in our business operations” said Mr. Prottoy Hossain, Director. He further said “We believe Eco Via will play a big role in ensuring global environmental sustainability and we are proud to be a part of their future endeavors”.

The key vision of Eco Via is to tackle the climate crisis happening due to irresponsible consumerism, by bringing Eco Friendly alternatives to single use plastics. “One plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose if left in the open earth or ocean” said Mr. Rashik Hassan, CEO and co-founder of the venture.

“Eco Via is producing eco-friendly apparel packaging out of apparel wastes, which only biodegrades within 150 days after disposal." he added.

Eco Via started their journey in early 2018, beginning from the concept, the innovation has now turned into a market viable product. Alongside biodegradable packaging, Eco Via aims to manufacture adjacent products for both the local, and global markets.

The signing ceremony took place on World Environment Day, which was also observed by the company by the distribution of plant saplings amongst the employees at Corporate Office, plantation activities in its green factories, and by emphasizing on more efficient use of electricity during work hours.

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