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Delivery orders issued in record lowest 10 minutes

Benapole Customs House

Our Correspondent | Published: June 03, 2020 09:59:40 | Updated: June 04, 2020 18:47:40

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Benapole Customs House has set a new record across the country by reducing the customs duty assessment time through issuing customs delivery orders in just ten minutes and release orders in nine minutes.

Benapole Custom House, the second largest in the country, set the record on June 02 at 19 minutes for customs duty to release order.

The above information was given by Benapole Customs Commissioner Belal Hossain Chowdhury on behalf of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) on Monday.

According to the NBR, 42 railway wagons loaded with 2,600 tonnes of dry chili, turmeric and ginger are imported from India through Benapole railway.

Commissioner Belal Hossain Chowdhury took this step to reach the goods to the people's doorsteps in time to prevent possible crisis.

According to the NBR's Central Customs Software, Asykuda World, the goods wagons arrived at Benapole Railway Station at 6:19 pm on June 1, C&F agent Sarathi registered the bill of entry customs House Asykuda system.

At 9.00 am, Revenue Officer Naeem Miron approved the duty and issued the release order to deliver the consignment.

The C&F agent deposited the tax at the Sonali Bank. Assistant Revenue Officer Mizanur Rahman printed the release order.

To sum up, the customs formalities were completed within 19 minutes. Of these, customs duty is printed in 10 minutes and release order is printed in the next nine minutes.

Revenue Officer Naeem Miron said this is the challenging work of customs in the entire import process.

During the last 9 minutes, the C&F agent took the money. If the document work is correct, not only rail cargo, but all types of consignments can be cleared quickly.

Import Consignment details show the consignments of goods imported by Rubel Enterprise, Bogura from India. 6 lakh by Railway.

According to the NBR, imports by Railcargo are quickly cleared.

The products do not get wasted with time and cost savings.

Motiar Rahman, director, India Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, said Bongan municipality Chairman Daku always combats the import export trade between the two countries.

Indian central government ordered to continue the import-export trade but TMc (Trinomul Congress) led by Bongan municipality Chairman is combating the trade , that should be stop, he added.

According to the NBR, it took five to seven days for the consignment of any goods to be unloaded in Benapole Port.

More than 400 trucks were needed and if one driver is absent the goods release will be stopped.


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