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e-commerce providers can deliver goods amid lockdown

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The government has instructed the law enforcement agencies to help the country's e-commerce providers in delivering medicines and daily essentials amid the ongoing lockdown.

Digital Security Agency of ICT Division on Thursday sent letters to the law enforcement agencies, requesting them for providing support, an official of ICT Division confirmed.

As the country is under a full lockdown for Covid-19 outbreak, e-commerce is only good option for getting essential services from home.

As there was no directive from the authority concerned, e-commerce service providers were allegedly obstructed on the streets.

"Our members now can provide medicines and essential goods on the doorstep of people," said Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal, General Secretary of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh.

He said they have provided stickers and ECAB certificates to their member organisations so that they can deliver home services with medicines and essential goods.

Ecommerce service for essentials and medicines would now be available only in Dhaka.

"We are in talks with divisional and district levels. Ecommerce service will be available everywhere as soon as we get approval," he said.

The ICT division has also instructed them to comply with special dresses including masks and gloves so that their services are disinfected from the virus.

Mr Tomal said they have provided an e-commerce map to the authorities including ICT Division so that nearest organisation can reach the doorstep of people with their goods.

The association is now working to set up a 'support centre' for all to run e-commerce service smoothly.

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