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Entrepreneur Tajul Islam's 'Azad Fisheries' creating impact on fisheries sector

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Md Tajul Islam Rajib is one of the promising entrepreneurs who created his own venture to transform. He owns multiple ventures in different sections like agriculture, fisheries, garments, etc. If we do a comparison, there are obstacles in the way of life, and by overcoming them, you have to move forward with your ideals and dreams, and Tajul Islam Rajib has reflected this precious saying in his own life. He is a man of a creative personality, and in the business sector, he has done things not only for himself but also for many others in critical times.

The business was his passion at a young age, and he took an interest in his father's business when he was in school. He joined his father's business when he was in college, but the COVID pandemic has come to ruin his dream like others'. But Tajul Islam didn't give up, and he came up with a new idea for a fish farming method called Biofloc. Which is a completely new receipt of his own.

Because of their economic and social importance, fisheries are governed by complex management practices and legal regimes that vary widely from country to country. Historically, fisheries were treated with a "first-come, first-served" approach, but recent threats from overfishing and environmental issues have required increased regulation of fisheries to prevent conflict and increase profitable economic activity in the fisheries sector.

During the COVID lockdown, he didn't waste time. He invested his time in creative fish farming. By reading many books and through the internet, he got a book written by Doctor Adam Biofloc. He started his experiment inside his house, in a few basins. To make his experiment more effective, he started practical and theoretical activities after the COVID lockdown and achieved success.

Not only does he have a dream, but he also has a humane power for common people. During the COVID lockdown, he helped a lot of people who were fired or who lost their jobs. He appointed many of them to his business. Though he also had to face difficult circumstances due to the COVID lockdown, he didn't give up. Tajul Islam Rajib opened a new business called Azad Fisheries and gave many needy people the opportunity to work with him. He didn't stop there; after his experience, he himself tried to teach other people about this Biofloc without any payment. And to encourage the youth, he got the District Department of Fisheries on his side.

When people lost hope for life, Tazul Islam Rajib was dreaming of the new adventures of life, and he fulfilled his dream too. He is an inspiration for young people who want to do something for themselves and others.

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