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Evaly employees will get  vaccines as frontliners

Evaly employees will get  vaccines as frontliners

Employees of Evaly.com.bd will get Covid-19 vaccines as frontliners or frontline combatants in corona situation, according to a statement.

The ICT Division and ekShop are involved in the overall collaboration.

From Wednesday, all employees of this local e-commerce based marketplace will be able to get vaccinated by registering online.

The information was confirmed in a press release issued by the company's public relations department on Tuesday.

In this regard, Shamima Nasrin, chairman of Evaly, stated “The need for and value of e-commerce in delivering daily necessities to general consumers and customers was brought to the forefront last year when the lockdown occurred. Workers of ecommerce companies, including our employees, are the ones who do this job. As a result, they are frontline combatants. The government has already included e-commerce as an emergency service. A large part of the fighters of this service go to the customers and deliver their products. So ensuring their health protection is also an important responsibility for us. We are ensuring that employees are vaccinated as part of that. Evaly is like a family, we want everyone in our family to be healthy”.

Mohammad Russell, managing director and CEO of Evaly, expressed his gratitude to ekShop, the online platform of the ICT Division, for its vaccination programme for Evaly workers.

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