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GDDA, ShareTrip to offer 1.0 per cent extra discount on flight tickets

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In a momentous collaboration aimed at enhancing benefits for investors, Green Delta Dragon Asset Management Company Limited (GDDA) and ShareTrip recently convened for an exclusive partnership signing ceremony.

The partnership announcement, held on June 6 this year, brings forth an additional 1 per cent discount exclusively for GDDA investors on ShareTrip's both International and Domestic flight tickets, supplementing all existing generic discount offer available in the market, according to a press release.

The ceremony, graced by Mr Shahbaj Talat, Managing Director of GDDA, alongside Mr Kashef Rahman, Founder, and CEO of ShareTrip, unfolded at ShareTrip's headquarters, marking a significant milestone in the travel industry.

This strategic alliance underscores the collective commitment of GDDA and ShareTrip to provide unparalleled value to investors, offering them enhanced access to premium travel experiences at exceptional prices.

Through this partnership, GDDA clients gain exclusive privileges, including an extra discount on both International and Domestic flight tickets, reinforcing ShareTrip's dedication to delivering unmatched value and savings to its customers.

Mr Shahbaj Talat, Managing Director, and CEO of GDDA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "At GDDA, we continuously strive to elevate the investment experience for our clients. Partnering with ShareTrip enables us to extend even greater benefits to our investors, allowing them to enjoy premium travel experiences at competitive prices. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to forging strategic alliances that enhance value for our stakeholders."

Mr Kashef Rahman, Founder of ShareTrip, echoed Mr Talat's sentiments, emphasising "This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value and personalized service to our customers."

The ceremony, held at ShareTrip's headquarters, provided a platform for both organizations to reaffirm their shared vision of empowering investors and enhancing their overall experience. As ShareTrip and GDDA embark on this collaborative journey, they remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and value creation.

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