Go Zayaan raises $2.6m in investment

| Updated: October 01, 2021 10:02:15

Go Zayaan raises $2.6m in investment

Bangladeshi travel-tech startup Go Zayaan, has raised US$2.6 million, the company has announced.

The money has been raised in a seed round led by Wavemaker Partners, one of Southeast Asia’s leading venture capital firms.

A news release by Go Zayaan’s Brand Communications says the Bangladeshi travel market is growing rapidly. However, less than 5.0 per cent of bookings are being done online.

Go Zayaan is actively bridging this wide gap by bringing accommodations and other travel services online and making those easily accessible to everyone, according to the release.

“Go Zayaan maintains the same modality for booking flights, hotels and even tours,” the company states, adding that one just simply has to go to the website www.gozayaan.com, browse their preferred mode of travel, compare prices and book the most convenient path to their destination.

“This process requires no assistance and the users can go wherever they please, possibilities are endless.”

Go Zayaan founder Ridwan Hafiz said, “The future is online; Bangladesh will be no different. We are here to build the future of travel.”

During the pandemic, when everything was at a halt, Go Zayaan has focused on domestic tourism by partnering with local airlines, hundreds of hotels and tour operators that had no presence in the digital space, the release pointed out.

This, it added, has helped the company navigate through the challenges of the pandemic and achieve more sustainable growth.

Previously, the company had raised its pre-seed round from BRAC Osiris Impact Ventures, and OS Venture.

With the new round of funding, Go Zayaan aims to improve user experience, attract new talents and bring more travel services online, the company mentioned. 

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