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Gold prices fall by Tk 2,500 per bhori

| Updated: September 26, 2020 14:42:36

Gold prices slump

The prices of gold have fallen by Tk 2,500 per bhori on all four categories of the precious metal uniformly on Thursday.

The local jewellers cut Tk 210 on per gram gold on 22, 21 and 18 carat and traditional gold simultaneously with effect from Thursday, according to a press release issued from Bangladesh Jewellers' Association.

Per gram 22 carat gold will be sold at Tk 6,345, 21 carat Tk 6,075, 18 carat Tk 5,325 while the traditional gold Tk 4,440 from Thursday.

On the other hand, as per the latest prices, a bhori of 22 carat gold ornaments will cost Tk 74,008.08 while 21 carat Tk 70,858.8, 18 carat Tk 62,110.8 and traditional Tk 51788.16.

However, the prices of silver remained unchanged.

The association has revised the gold prices to match that with international market, the press release added.



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