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GP launches first 'Super Core Data Center'

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Grameenphone (GP) inaugurated its first "Tier III Standard Data Center", a groundbreaking hi-tech initiative that sets a new benchmark for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of the network in Sylhet.

Yasir Azman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GP, unveiled the data center at a ceremony held on Tuesday, according to a statement.

Yan Changzhi, VP, President of South Asia Region, ZTE Corporation, Ma Liang (Jerry), MD of Engineering Service of ZTE Bangladesh, and Jai Prakash, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Grameenphone, among others, were present at the inauguration programme.

The Data Center is a collaborative effort between Grameenphone and ZTE aiming at advancing innovation and ensuring a future-ready infrastructure that caters to the evolving needs of the digital landscape.

The Super Core Data Center (SCDC) with a capacity of 4 MW, is the largest among any Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the country. The work for this data center started in January 2023.

Customers will benefit directly from higher data speed and quality of services, ensuring a superior customer experience.

The facility guarantees uninterrupted services, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Moreover, environmental sustainability is a key focus of the Sylhet Data Center, aligning with GP's commitment to sustainability.

The use of NOVEC gas for auto fire suppression not only enhances safety measures but also reflects GP's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

A high-tech monitoring system with intrusion detection capabilities ensures the utmost security for the valuable data stored, protecting the privacy of customers' valuable data in this digital era.

Yasir Azman said, "This facility not only confirms our pledge to lead the way in technological innovations but also demonstrates our devotion to putting our customers first in every aspect of our work, guaranteeing a future of technological progress and reliability in delivering a superior customer experience."

Praising the data center's cutting-edge and creative technology, Ma Liang said, "The SCDC is like the body's heart. It needs to be safe and healthy to support the business. The data center uses the best and most innovative technology in the industry. It has multiple levels of protection to ensure its reliability."

"It will also be the first private sector Telco Data Center in Bangladesh to meet the Uptime Tier-III standard which follows the principles of saving energy and reducing emissions with a smart energy management system that makes it efficient and eco-friendly," Ma Liang added.

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