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Home decor at the doorstep during Covid-19

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For the first time in Bangladesh, home decor consumers have found an easy option to avail themselves of professional interior design guidance from the comfort of their home through its service called ‘Online Interior Design Consultation’.

The new service is an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer for a large range of services, said a press release of Sheraspace which is working to revolutionise the availability of interior design services in Bangladesh.

The service is aimed at individuals who do not wish to invest in a long process of design and installation, but are simply seeking professional interior design guidance in a one-time, low-commitment involvement.

It is conducted fully online where clients can easily receive this service from the comfort of their home and from anywhere in Bangladesh, according to a UNB report.

The service provides its recipients with a detailed design plan and instructions on how to execute it on their own and at their preferred pace.

“Faced with such a challenging time with the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we found it imperative to not only focus on operating for survival, but also create value in newer, more innovate ways which will in turn support our growth and survival. That’s why we came up with our Online Interior Design Consultation,” said Sarjeena Maodud, co-founder and CEO of Sheraspace, when asked about how this service came into being.

“With movement restrictions in place, the online service proved not only to be the perfect solution for home improvement enthusiasts, but we were also ecstatic with the response even after the restrictions were loosened,” she said.

Sarjeena said Sheraspace’s aim is to make availing of high-quality interior design services a hassle-free essential rather than an unattainable luxury one.

According to the company, the launch of their virtual design service helps further in achieving that aim by reaching out to a much wider consumer segment through this short-term, cost-effective solution.

The company believes that technology is indispensable for every sector and the interior sector is no different.

Sheraspace thus plans to introduce Virtual Reality experiences for its clients, with the aim to scale and further develop their virtual design services.

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