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HSBC introduces cash flow forecasting service

HSBC introduces cash flow forecasting service

HSBC Bangladesh has recently introduced  HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting tool, a fully-integrated forecasting solution that allows businesses to generate a more accurate view of their future finances and liquidity position.

HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting is accessed via the bank’s digital banking platform- HSBCnet, providing clients with a single point of access for all their cash management needs.

The tool is fully integrated – automatically loading data from a client’s account – and can also work cohesively with the client’s own systems. This allows details of pending invoices or future-dated events to be added automatically, reducing manual intervention and significantly cutting the time taken to prepare a forecast. The tool reduces engagement of resources in manual spreadsheet administration which is generally involved in cash flow forecasting to allow businesses focus on higher-value generating activities, according to a statement.

HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting tool produces sophisticated cash forecasts covering a three-year horizon. The modelling and scenario testing capability allow clients to create customised forecasts with ease. Detailed variance analysis will highlight differences between forecasts and actual performance – meaning clients can spot cash surplus or deficits and further refine their forecasts accuracy.

"As part of HSBC’s drive for digital innovation, our Cash Flow Forecasting tool can provide Treasurers with the functionality they need to do just that,” said Kevin Green, Country Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Bangladesh.

The tool complements HSBC’s other cash and liquidity management products across payables, receivables, clearing and foreign currency, liquidity, liability and investments to help our client treasuries be as efficient and effective as possible.


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