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Incepta, ICL to do joint research on vaccines

ICL scientist visits Incepta plants

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Imperial College London (ICL) has expressed interest to conduct joint research on Covid-19 vaccines (mRNA) with Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Professor Robin John Shattock, head of research team at ICL Department of Infectious Diseases, expressed the interest while visiting the vaccine and injectable plants of Incepta at Savar and Dhamrai on Wednesday, said a press statement.

"We will now jointly conduct research on both replicating and non-replicating mRNA vaccines," he said.

Appreciating commendable management of Incepta, he also expressed willingness to participate in future research on mRNA and therapeutic vaccines.

At the end of the visit, mRNA vaccine expert Professor Shattock reiterated ICL's support to Incepta in technology and research to further develop a variety of life-saving new vaccines.

Abdul Muktadir, Chairman and Managing Director of Incepta Pharmaceuticals, was present during the on-site inspection of vaccine plants.

Mr Muktadir said Professor Shattock helped Incepta to develop protein subunit vaccine, and he would also provide technical assistance in developing other vaccines.

"We have already trained two scientists of Incepta by ICL. Many local scientists will be trained soon. It will open the door to manufacture basic materials (seeds) of vaccines in Bangladesh."

Mr Muktadir also noted that Incepta is now involved in developing therapeutic vaccines.

"We believe that a new era has dawned in the field of research on vaccines and drugs. Through this cooperation, it will be possible to bring better benefits to the people," he added.

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