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Incepta launches new diabetes medicine

| Updated: April 14, 2022 17:32:07

Incepta launches new diabetes medicine

Incepta Pharmaceuticals has launched a new diabetes controlling medicine under the brand name of 'Linatab E' (Generic: Linagliptin+ Empagliflozin).

The medicine combines the two most remarkable and safe therapeutic class of modern time for controlling diabetes, said a press statement.

Globally this combination medicine has brought a breakthrough in diabetes management because it is remarkably safe for diabetic patients with cardiac disorders, said the statement signed by Zahid Rahman, media consultant of the company.

Also, this medicine has no chance of sudden glucose fall that is a frequent phenomenon in case of diabetic patients, it said.

Incepta has introduced the medicine in a more affordable for all class of people- Linatab E 5/10 tablet at Tk 30 and Linatab E 5/25 tablet at Tk 40 only. For diabetic patients, it will reduce the pill burden as only one tablet per day can serve the purpose of two tablets that patients are supposed to take.

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