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Internet users in Bangladesh double in last five years

| Updated: October 19, 2020 10:40:31

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The total number of internet subscribers in Bangladesh doubled in the last five years thanks to the government’s commitment and push to digitise the country.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission's (BTRC) statistics revealed that the number of internet subscribers in the country stood at 108.188 million as of August 2020 whereas the number was 54.120 million at the end of December 2015.

Of the total subscribers, according to the telecom regulator data, there were 99.618 million mobile internet users and 8.571 million broadband users in the country until August 2020.

On the other hand, up to December 2015, the number of mobile internet users in the country stood at 51.453 million while 2.667 million internet users were using broadband.

The term 'internet subscriber' means subscribers/subscriptions who have accessed the internet at least once in the preceding 90 days.

Prior to this, total internet subscribers in the country were 99.428 million until December 2019, according to the BTRC data.

Of the subscribers, there were 93.681 million mobile internet users and 5.742 million broadband internet users until December 2019 and the rest were WiMAX users.

The number of internet users was 91.421 million at the end of January 2019, the BTRC data revealed.

The telecom regulator data further unveiled that the country's internet subscribers reached 80.483 million until December 2017.

There were 80.483 million internet users at the end of December 2017 while the figure stood at 66.623 million as of December 2016.

The BTRC has calculated the ISP subscriber information through intense market analysis, consultation and data collection from almost all ISPs (internet service providers).


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