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Jewellers raise gold prices

FE Report | Published: August 06, 2019 10:36:29 | Updated: August 07, 2019 16:57:13

Jewellers raise gold prices

Local jewellers have revised the prices of gold upward, effective from today (Tuesday).

As per the latest revision, the prices of all categories of gold -- 22-, 21-, 18-carat and traditional gold -- have increased by Tk 100 per gram, according to a press release issued by the Bangladesh Jewellers' Association on Monday.

With the fresh price hike, 22-carat gold will now be sold at Tk 54,529.2 per bhori, 21-carat gold at Tk 52,196.4 per bhori, 18-carat gold at Tk 47,180.88 per bhori, and traditional gold at Tk 27,993.6 per bhori.

The prices of silver, however, remained unchanged.


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