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Karnaphuli Tunnel Project makes remarkable progress amid pandemic

| Updated: August 05, 2020 20:54:12

Photo source: UNB Photo source: UNB

Karnaphuli Tunnel Project has achieved a 'breakthrough' with the completion of the left line despite the coronavirus outbreak in the country. 

The project in Chattogram is being constructed by China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC).

Featured with two-tube four-lane of the shield section, the Karnaphuli Tunnel will connect Chattogram city to the other side of Karnaphuli River. 

It is known that the Multi-Lane Road Tunnel Project under the River Karnaphuli is the first underwater tunnel in South Asia, and also the first overseas large-diameter underwater TBM tunnel undertaken by the Chinese company. 

The completion of the project will greatly improve the traffic conditions in Chattogram and promote economic development of Bangladesh, UNB reported on Monday citing a media release. 

It will also contribute to improvement of the Asian Highway Network, as well as the connectivity between Bangladesh and it’s neighbouring countries.

The tunnel is being built at a cost of Tk 98.8 billion to turn Chattogram into ‘One City Two Towns’.

The total length of the proposed tunnel will be around 9.092 kilometres, including 3.50 kilometres of tunnel under the Karnaphuli River with an approach road of 4.89 kilometres alongside 740 metres of bridges.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on February 24,2019  inaugurated the boring works on the tunnel, under Karnaphuli River at Construction Yard of the Tunnel Project area at Patenga.

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