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LC stations in Sunamganj-Meghalaya frontier incur Tk 120m loss in revenue

Suspension of trade due to pandemic

| Updated: September 25, 2020 17:17:13

LC stations in Sunamganj-Meghalaya frontier incur Tk 120m loss in revenue

The government has incurred about Tk 120 million loss in customs revenue due to the suspension of trade through three Land Customs (LC) Stations in Sunamganj district frontiers due to Coronavirus pandemic, officials said.

About 800 importers and 50,000 laboureres are now passing hard time due to the suspension of import from Meghalaya through the LC stations named Barchhara, Charagaon and Bagli in Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj since March of this year.

Member-secretary of the Tahirpur Coal Importers Group Rajesh Talukder said due to the suspension of works on the LC Stations, the Indian exporters failed in sending 200,000 tonnes of coal, although they were permitted for it through a court order.

Besides, import of lime and stones also remained suspended on the same ground, he said adding, the poor labourers have been badly affected by the situation.

An official at the Tahirpur LC Station said we realise about Tk 20 million in customs revenue every month through the three LC stations.

Approximately Tk 120 million is already lost due to the shut down since March.

Although an announcement was given recently about reopening of the border trade, but we are yet to see any development in this regard, he added.

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