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Liquid milk, eggs, onion get costlier

| Updated: May 14, 2022 09:03:34

Liquid milk, eggs, onion get costlier

Prices of milk, eggs and onion increased notably at the end of this week, adding sufferings to the consumers who are already battered with the rocketing trend of edible oil and other essentials.

Few companies raised milk price by Tk 10 a litre to Tk 80 at retail level.

Aarong milk, product of Aarong Dairy, is being retailed at Tk 80 per litre resulting in 14.28 per cent hike just in two days.

Aarong Dairy is a social enterprise of BRAC.

However, state-run cooperative Milk Vitae, private entities Pran, Aftab were yet to review their liquid milk price, according to groceries.

Milk Vitae pasteurised liquid milk is still retailing at Tk 75 per litre on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, egg prices hit a record high jumping to Tk 10 a piece (Tk 120 a dozen) from maximum Tk 9.0 per piece.

Abul Hossain Sarker, a grocer at Buddhijibir Dhal area of Jafrabad in Rayer Bazar, said price of eggs, milk and onion increased almost at same time.

He said Aarong milk wholesale price increased to Tk 74.5 per pack which was Tk 65 two days back.

Egg price increased by Tk 120 per hundred pieces during the period.

He said per kg of onion price witnessed Tk 5.0-7.0 hike in wholesales.

However, retail price of onion has increased by Tk 5.0-10 a kg while the price was Tk 40-45 earlier.

Meanwhile, supply of edible oil increased to some extent, especially in the kitchen market areas but still there is scarcity of the essential in the groceries located in lanes and alleys of the city.

However, prices of beef, rice, chicken, vegetables remained almost static maintaining the previous highs.

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