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Maersk rolls out digital solution for SMEs to boost exports

| Updated: August 01, 2020 12:10:29

Maersk rolls out digital solution for SMEs to boost exports

AP Moller - Maersk, a global shipping service leader, has recently launched 'Twill', a digital logistics solution, in Bangladesh to make trade less complex, faster, cost-effective and accessible for small and medium enterprises.

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh contribute to almost 25 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provide employment for more than 35 per cent of the workforce.

Twill, a complete and transparent end-to-end logistics service, supercharged by Maersk, aims to give these smaller businesses instant access to current and new markets via an easy and intuitive digital platform, says a press release.

"The SMEs in Bangladesh have enough entrepreneurial potential that could contribute to the country's economic growth through access to international trade," said Angshuman Mustafi, head of Maersk in Bangladesh.

Amongst the challenges faced by these enterprises are issues such as lack of proper infrastructure and complexity in supply chains making international markets inaccessible, he noted.

The intricacy of international trade revolves around an overload of documentation and process, lack of flexibility and transparency in logistics solutions, and the customer-centric approach in supply chains.

Twill aims at overcoming these challenges, especially for the SMEs who lack supply chain expertise, by removing the complexity from handling international trade. Twill offers its customers door-to-door logistics solutions over land as well as sea.

"Twill is a digital solution for the SMEs in Bangladesh who want to take their produce to the international markets but do not have dedicated resources for taking care of the company's logistics requirements," said Noreen Gandotra, head of Twill in South Asia.

The Maersk said two of the top priorities for strengthening the economy today are taking trade globally and digitising supply chains.

With Twill, Maersk is accelerating the efforts in this direction and providing the right tool for SMEs to make a mark for themselves by contributing to the economy of Bangladesh and presenting themselves in the international markets, it added.


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