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Malaysia slams Bangladesh mission for launching job portal

| Updated: April 16, 2021 16:15:16

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The Malaysian government has criticised the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur for launching a job portal "ChakrirKhoj" without the consent of its Human Resources Ministry.

Quoting human resources minister M Saravanan, The Star online, a local newspaper, reported on Thursday that the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur did not consult the Human Resources Ministry over setting up of the job portal.

M Saravanan said the Bangladesh High Commission acted irresponsibly by setting up the employment portal which claims to also assist undocumented Bangladeshis already there.

On April 8, the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur launched the job portal to help the employers in Malaysia find the right workers and assist prospective employers and undocumented Bangladeshi nationals to participate in the recalibration programme.

Mr Saravanan said, "Such an action by a foreign diplomatic mission undermines Malaysia's efforts to manage the demand for foreign workers."

He further said such a portal will not only jeopardise more than 400 foreign worker agencies in the country, but also may lead to an influx of undocumented Bangladeshi workers there.

"It is reported that the employment portal is to enable Malaysian employers to recruit Bangladeshi workers, as well as to assist undocumented Bangladeshi workers to participate in the government's recalibration programme that was announced last year."

Mr Saravanan said, "I am shocked and appalled with the action of the Bangladesh High Commission that has launched its employment portal without prior consultation nor notification to the Human Resources Ministry."

"It is unreasonable on the part of the High Commission to take such action which goes against the roles and responsibilities of a foreign diplomatic mission."

He said his ministry manages a national employment portal, My Future Jobs, which advertises domestic job vacancies that also handles recruitment of foreign workers as well as expatriates.

"I view this matter seriously as it can mislead and create confusion to the public particularly local employers."

He added: "The recalibration programme, which is a collaboration between the ministries of Human Resources and Home Affairs which commenced on November 16 last year and to end on June 30 June this year, is being executed by government entities and employers without the involvement of vendors or third parties."

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