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More foodgrain imports to face flood challenge: PM

‘Time to focus on nutrition’

| Updated: October 25, 2017 03:05:27

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More foodgrain imports to face flood challenge: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina again said on Sunday the government is importing foodgrains to face the ongoing flood across the country, report agencies.

"We've already procured foodgrains from various countries and more are coming to face the challenge," she said.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the first meeting of Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) held at the Prime Minister's Office.

The Prime Minister noted that flooding caused significant damage to food production this year.

"We believe there may be another flood. We may face a food problem if the flooding is severe," Hasina said.

"The government is preparing to import and store food so that this problem does not arise and sufficient food can be provided to meet the needs of people."

She underscored the need for ensuring adequate nutrition along with ensuring food security to attain the government vision of healthy and productive lives for people.

The Prime Minister laid emphasis on ensuring adequate nutrition for all alongside safeguarding their access to food. "Access to adequate nutrition is a basic right of people."

Sheikh Hasina also directed the authorities concerned to launch a massive campaign, especially among rural people, about taking balanced and nutritious food.

She said it is not important for people to always eat fish, meat, egg or other costly food, nutrition is available in low price food, and suggested taking adequate quantity of vegetables along with rice every day.

Hasina said adoption of policy for nutrition is not enough; rather people should be made aware about the nutrition values of various foods, including vegetables, meat and fish.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh has vast areas of marshy lands for fish production, and it is now the fourth in terms of sweet-water fish production.

She said low-income people can also afford fish and meat after buying necessary quantity of rice as their daily income increased by manifolds in the last few years.Mentioning that her government for the first time attained food security in the country, the Prime Minister said now the aim of her government is to ensure nutrition for all.

She said her government took steadfast steps to improve the nutrition and food security of the country, including the formulation of Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition, which identifies the priority strategic actions that are directed to address the various form of malnutrition affecting its population.

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