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NBR to hold invoice lottery draw on February 5

| Updated: January 15, 2021 20:44:06

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The National Board of Revenue (NBR) will hold lottery draw on invoices of Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) on February 5, 2021.

The lottery draw will be held on the EFD-generated invoices to be issued to the consumers during the period between January 1 and 31.

In a statement on Sunday, the NBR requested the consumers to preserve their EFD-generated invoices or coupons carefully to participate in the lottery.

It said the lottery will be held every month from February onwards on the EFD-generated invoices issued in the previous month.

NBR officials said the lottery will be arranged in a bid to encourage the consumers to obtain services from the businesses which have already installed EFDs.

As per a gazette of the NBR issued in December last year, some 101 consumers will get the opportunity to participate in the lottery every month.

Consumers will get cash prize ranging from Tk 0.1 million to Tk 10,000 on invoices by purchasing goods from the shops and outlets having EFDs.

The first prize winner will get Tk 0.1 million in cash while the second prize winner Tk 50,000, according to a policy of NBR.

Five consumers will get the fourth prize worth Tk 25,000 each while 94 consumers will get the fifth prize worth Tk 10,000 each.

As per the policy, the invoices generated from the EFD Management System (EFDMS) would be considered as coupons for the lottery.

The NBR will announce the winners within three working days of holding the lottery.

The EFD invoice holders will be eligible to receive the prizes.

For claiming the prizes, winners will have to apply to any field-level VAT offices in a prescribed format within the month of lottery.

All prizes will be given by cheque. The revenue board will hand over the first three prizes to the winners while the field offices will distribute the fourth prize instantly.

In August 2018, the VAT wing of the board made EFD or point of sales mandatory for 24 types of businesses.

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