NSU teacher develops low-cost water filter

NSU teacher develops low-cost water filter

North South University Faculty Dr Nadim Reza Khandaker along with his research student Abu Khalid Khan, from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has built an Iron manganese removal water filter.

The filter was made using local materials at a cost of only Tk 1,000, says a press release received on Tuesday.

Iron and Manganese in drinking water is an issue of concern in many regions of the world. This local innovation was field tested and showed to be highly effective against water filled with such substances, added the release.

The filter used the technology of enhanced anion adsorption and membrane filtration that was developed when Dr Nadim Reza Khandaker worked at Sandia National Laboratory, Department of Energy, The Government of the United States of America as a research engineer. While working at Sandia National Laboratory, Dr Khandaker always dreamed of exporting the technology to Bangladesh someday to help people's access to safe drinking water.

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