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Number of ATM booth reaches 10,924

FE Online Report | Published: February 18, 2020 13:49:45 | Updated: February 18, 2020 17:15:38

Number of ATM booth reaches 10,924

Total number of automated teller machine (ATM) booths in the country reached 10,924 at the end of December last year.

The number was 10,280 at the end of 2018, according to the latest statistics released by Bangladesh Bank.

Thus, 644 new ATMs were installed by the banks across the country in 2019.

Of the total ATMs, some 7,665 ATMs were situated in urban areas and the rest 3,259 in rural areas.

Total cash transactions through ATMs stood at Tk 147.05 billion in December last, which was Tk 121.03 billion in December 2018.

Besides ATMs, total number of cash deposit machines (CDMs) and cash recycling machines (CRMs) also increased in the past year.

Total number of CDMs stood at 1,407 at the end of 2019, which was 1,324 at the end of 2018. At the same time, the number of CRMs increased to 254 from 126.

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