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Prices of almost all essentials remain unchanged on Monday

| Updated: November 22, 2021 17:44:58

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Prices of almost all essentials have remained steady with many of them maintaining the previous hike in the capital’s kitchen markets on Monday.

However, prices of broiler and red egg declined by Tk 5.0 per kg and a dozen respectively.  Prices of Sonali and Pakistani – have also remained unchanged.

Some vegetables like red tomato, bitter gourd are still getting pricier in the markets.

The prices of some major essentials like flour, edible oil and sugar remain static maintaining the previous hike.

Prices of major vegetables, namely brinjal, bean, pumpkin, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, potato and green chili have remained static.

However, the price of cauliflower declined by Tk 5.0 each.

Prices of three important spices -- onion, ginger and garlic – have remained steady.

Price of broiler, Sonali and Pakistani – have also remained unchanged.

Taking to The Financial Express, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) secretary Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan said the poor, fixed income group and jobless people are dealing a huge blow amid the increased prices of commodities.

The commerce ministry along with other concerned ministries and government agencies should monitor the markets properly and strictly to stabilise the prices of the essentials in the markets on both wholesale and retail levels, he added.  

The state-run Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM) in its daily report on Monday stated that eggs were being sold at Tk 36-Tk 37 (four pieces), local sugar at Tk 78-Tk 79 per kg, salt (packed) at Tk 27-Tk 33 per kg, lentil at Tk 106-Tk 112 per kg, onion at Tk 53-Tk 56 per kg and flour (packed) at Tk 37-Tk 40 were being sold at the markets.

Tomatoes (mature) are being sold at Tk 104-Tk 115 per kg, broiler chickens at Tk 144-Tk 149 a kg, soybean oil at Tk 143-Tk 145 per litre, garlic (local) at Tk 46-Tk 56 per kg, garlic (imported) at Tk 114-Tk 120 per kg, ginger (local) at Tk 79-Tk 91 per kg and ginger (imported) at Tk 87-Tk 93 per kg.

After visiting some city kitchen markets, the correspondent found that prices of other different essential spices have been stable compared to the prices in the past week.

Commenting on the situation, Maksedul, a vegetable vendor at the city’s Adabor Bazar, told The Financial Express that prices of almost all vegetables have remained unchanged on Monday compared to Sunday’s prices.

Round brinjal (black and white) is selling at Tk 130-300 per five kg at the wholesale level this day, while long brinjal at Tk 150-200 per five kg at the wholesale level, he said.

As for the round and long brinjal at the retail level, he said he is selling them for Tk 40-Tk 60 per kg.

The vegetable vendor said he has bought five kg of bitter gourd at Tk 200- 250 today which was the same as yesterday.

He is now selling it at Tk 60 per kg at the retail level.

Maksedul is selling pumpkins (winter) at Tk 35-45 each at the retail level this day.

When asked about the retail prices of beans, cabbage, cauliflower and local cucumber, another vegetable mobile vendor Hriday said he is selling beans at Tk 50-Tk 60 per kg.

The cabbage was sold at Tk 25-Tk 35 each today.

The cauliflower was sold at Tk 25-Tk 30 each on Monday which was Tk 30-Tk 35 on Sunday.

Radish is being sold at Tk 120-Tk 140 five kg at the wholesale level today, the veg vendor stated.

Some other vegetable vendors at Adabor, Mohammadpur Krishi Market along with mobile vendors also echoed the same price level.

Akash at Mohammadpur Krishi Market said the prices of three important spices -- onion, garlic and ginger – have remained stable in the wholesale market.

The prices of different varieties of onion including local are between Tk 42 and Tk 58 per kg in the wholesale market, while ginger (imported) and local garlic are selling at Tk 95-100 and Tk 50-60 per kg respectively, according to him.

The price of Burmese variety of onion declined by Tk 2.0-Tk 3.0 per kg both at the wholesale and retail level.

The prices of garlic at wholesale markets range between Tk 45 and Tk 100 per kg, he said.

Rasel, a salesman at New Bismillah Broiler at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, told The FE that he is selling broiler chickens at Tk 150-Tk 155 a kg on Monday which was Tk  160-TK 165 on Sunday.

Sonali and Pakistani chicken are being sold at Tk 260 and Tk 270 per kg respectively, he said, adding that a dozen of red eggs are being sold at Tk 105 today which was Tk 110 yesterday.

Jabayer Hossain, a proprietor at Bikrampur Trading Corporation at Mohammadpur Krishi Market who is also a wholesaler, told The Financial Express that the prices of some major essentials like flour, edible oil, sugar and lentil were maintaining the previous hike.

He sees no sign of a decrease in prices of such important essentials right now.

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