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Prime Bank Investment hosts roadshow in Singapore

The roadshow spotlights Bangladesh’s stock market opportunities

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Prime Bank Investment Limited (PBIL) has hosted a roadshow in Singapore titled ‘’Investment Roadshow Singapore 2024,’ aiming to empower remittance earners and unlock the nation's potential in the capital market.

PrimeInvest Probashi, a discretionary stock market investment solution for remitters, organized the event at Novotel Singapore on Saturday, says a media release.

Md Tauhedul Islam, NDC High Commissioner of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Singapore, Mr Mohammad Shahriar Sidddiqui, director of Bangladesh Bank, president of Singapore Bangladesh Society, president of Bangladesh Business Chamber in Singapore, president of Bangladeshi Marine Community in Singapore, Mr Syed M Omar Tayub, Managing Director and CEO, Prime Bank Investment Ltd, Mohammed Samiullah, executive director and CEO of Prime Exchange Co. Pte, Singapore, and other high officials and valued guests were present at the function.

Mr Tayub in his speech presented the remarkable development witnessed in the economy and infrastructure of Bangladesh in the last decade.

Acknowledging the significant contribution of remittances to the economy being the 7th largest remittance earner globally, Mr Tayub underscored the importance of harnessing these funds effectively.

He also highlighted the diverse investment opportunities available for remittance earners, showcasing avenues for them to maximise their financial potential and contribute further to the economic growth of the nation.

Mr Tayub emphasised that, “PrimeInvest Probashi is meticulously crafted for individuals residing and working abroad, entrusting us with their hard-earned remittances. With a seasoned investment management committee leading the charge, we pledge to safeguard and nurture their investments, endeavouring to deliver attractive returns over the long term. Leveraging our state-of-the-art online investment platform, seamless access to information through the Prime Invest Portal, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we assure a world-class investment experience."

Md Tauhedul Islam, NDC High Commissioner of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Singapore said, “This is the first time any investment bank of Bangladesh has taken such a big step for remitters. PBIL has launched PrimeInvest Probashi, a tailored stock market investment solution for those who live outside Bangladesh.”

He highlighted the challenges individuals face when investing their money and stressed the critical importance of trust in financial institutions. Investment Banks like PBIL need to inspire confidence in expatriates, both white and blue collar, encouraging them to invest their funds with global standard wealth management services.

Mr Mohammad Shahriar Siddiqui, director of Bangladesh Bank, praised this ground-breaking effort by PBIL for launching PrimeInvest Probashi, the discretionary product suite tailored specifically for remittance earners.

He urged individuals to send remittances through formal channels, emphasising their pivotal role in contributing to the economic development of the country.

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