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Prime Bank NEERA’s financial literacy initiative for unbanked women

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Prime Bank’s women-focused initiative ‘NEERA’ has undertaken a countrywide programme to drive financial literacy among the unbanked women of the society.

As part of ‘Month of Neera’ initiative, marking International Women’s Day, officials of different branches of the private bank have been visiting the neighbourhood community and helping the women on financial literacy, wealth management ensuring their inclusion in the mainstream financial system, says a press release received on Saturday.

Prime Bank female officials have braved the pandemic and visited slums, schools, ethnic community and NGOs to disseminate the message of financial literacy and its importance in everyday life for financial security and freedom.

NEERA appreciates women’s contribution to national development and promises to create an enabling environment so that they can realise their innate talent and full potential and pursue their dreams, added the release.

Commenting on the initiative, EVP and Head of Segments of Prime Bank Shaila Abedin said, “Neera is undertaking numerous initiatives with an aim to facilitate women’s development, ensure complete wellness and create a meaningful impact in their lives during the ‘Month of Neera’.

“To bring women under the ambit of banking services, Neera has always prioritized financial inclusion and financial literacy by providing easy access to the unbanked female population for helping them secure a better life.”

Deputy managing director and CBO of Prime Bank ANM Mahfuz said, “We believe this initiative will help a number of unbanked women get their first bank account in a step forward towards financial security. We will continue to create awareness about financial management and knowledge amongst the low-income communities.”

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