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Remark HB Ltd signs agreement with BRICM

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Remark HB Limited will receive necessary support from the Bangladesh Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (BRiCM) in terms of chemical, metrological traceability, research and development, testing, calibration and training services at production stages.

The BRiCM, which is under the Ministry of Science and Technology, will cooperate with the production of world-class cosmetics, skincare, homecare and personal care products in Bangladesh, reads a press release.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed between BRiCM and Remark HB on Tuesday.

Sharif Mohammad Ali, executive director of Remark HB Ltd, and Dr Pranab Karmaker, head of the Department of Planning, Research and International Affairs at BRiCM, signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organisations.

BRiCM director general Dr Mala Khan and other officials were also present there.

This agreement offers scope to conduct joint research, testing of various products and consultancy between the two organizations in the production of cosmetics, skincare, homecare and personal care in future.

It is to be noted that Remark has already started work on the establishment of a factory on 100 acres of land at Munshiganj. For the first time in Bangladesh, Remark is establishing a skincare research institute.

Establishing Bangladesh as a production hub for cosmetic and skincare products and supplying them to different South Asia countries is the man objective of this initiative.

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