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Shanta Asset Management, TAXdo host Webinar on tax-efficient investment

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Shanta Asset Management, in collaboration with TAXdo, successfully hosted a webinar titled "Master Tax Savings with Smart Investments" on Monday. 

The event, scheduled right in time for the impending tax rebate deadline on June 30, drew a diverse audience of over 200 attendees eager to gain perspectives on optimising their investments for tax efficiency, according to a media release. 

The line-up of the webinar included Snehasish Barua, Director of SMAC Advisory Limited; Kazi Monirul Islam, Chief Executive Officer of Shanta Asset Management; and Apurbo Kanti Das, former member of the National Board of Revenue. Leveraging their extensive background in tax regulations, financial advisory, and investment strategies, the esteemed speakers shared their expertise and practical insights, offering clear guidance on effectively navigating complex tax regulations and maximising tax savings through strategic investment choices for everyday taxpayers.

Hosted on Microsoft Teams, the webinar facilitated open interaction between the speakers and participants, allowing for real-time questions and discussions. Key topics covered included understanding the latest tax regulations and their impact, effective tax planning strategies for individual taxpayers, investment strategies for optimal tax savings, and practical tips for compliance and maximising tax benefits.

The webinar was well-received, with participants expressing appreciation for the practical applicability of the strategies presented, noting that they felt better equipped to handle their tax planning and investment decisions, the release says. 

Shanta Asset Management and TAXdo conveyed their sincere gratitude to all the participants for making the webinar a resounding success.

The organisations remain committed to providing top-tier financial services in helping clients achieve their financial goals through strategic and informed decisions, the release adds. 


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