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Some essential items get costlier ahead of Eid

| Updated: May 25, 2020 16:18:40

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The prices of essential items including chicken, garlic, ginger, onion and potato showed a notable hike before Eid-ul-Fitr, hitting people's pockets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eid will be celebrated either on May 24 or May 25, depending on moon sighting.

Broiler chicken prices increased to Tk 180-Tk 190 a kilogram on Friday from Tk 150-Tk 170 per kg a week back.

Sonali or Pakistani chickens were sold at Tk 280-Tk 300 while indigenous varieties at Tk 550-Tk 600 a kg, Tk 30-Tk 40 hike in a week.

Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) recorded a 10-13 per cent rise in chicken prices within a week and a 40-50 per cent hike in last two and a half weeks.

The current chicken prices are 23 per cent higher than that of a year ago, the TCB data showed.

The prices of granola, diamond or cardinal varieties of potato increased by Tk 5.0 a kg to Tk 25-Tk 28 on the day.

Garlic and ginger prices, which showed a decline since the second week of this month, soared again.

Ginger, both imported and local, was retailing at Tk 180-Tk 220 a kg, a Tk 40 rise.

Garlic prices also reached Tk 180-Tk 220 on Friday while it was Tk 150-Tk 180 a kg seven days back, according to market sources.

TCB recorded a 23-28 per cent hike in both garlic and ginger prices in last three days.

However, beef prices showed a slight hike by Tk 20 a kg as sold at Tk 580-Tk 650 a kg, depending on areas.

Coarse lentil, turmeric and gram prices, however, showed a slight decline while onion prices increased to some extent.

Onion was retailed at Tk 50-Tk 55 a kg on the day.



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