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Webinar on Logistics held

Webinar on Logistics held

A webinar titled Logistics in the Time of Covid-19, organised by GIM Digital Truck, was held recently.

eJogajog Limited Managing Director Alamgir Alvi and Chief Operating Officer of online marketplace Daraz Khandaker Tasfin Alam participated in the event as speakers while Marketing Manager of eJogajog Abrar Ahasan Chowdhury presided over the seminar.

Speakers highlighted the damage caused by the pandemic in the logistics sector; discussed the way out and the future of the transport sector in the context of a new normal.

Alamgir Alvi said, "The logistics sector suffered a lot due to Covid. In March-April, we had everything shut down. So, we had to find a different way out. The second wave of Corona is to hit the world. Some countries have already enforced lockdown while others are planning to do the same. It, however, seems that the impact on the logistics sector will be in a lower intensity this time."

"Everyone in the sector must ensure having ample protective equipment. It will also enhance the safety of their families. We hope the vaccine for Covid will be available in our country by January-February. So, the next two-three months are challenging for us. We need to be aware of not repeating the mistakes made during the first Covid surge," he added.

Alvi also said, “GIM Digital Truck has been providing quality services to the transportation sector from the very beginning. We have all kinds of customers; different products require different types of trucks. Using the GIM app during the crisis, they have conducted logistics management work easily. So, technology can be the key to bringing the logistics industry back to its former glory.”

The Daraz COO Khondoker Tasfin Alam said, "It was very challenging for those who worked at the logistics field level during Covid. Daraz logistics team, with vigour, continued delivering products at this time by maintaining social distance. Out of many negativities that Corona brought, it was a positive change for the business. We recovered the damages caused by Covid in a short period."

“Once it took a long time to rent a truck in person. With the advent of Covid-19, we came to realize the importance of digital logistics as alternative means. It can be the driving force of the transport sector in the new normal,” he added.


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