Weeklong tax fair in divisional cities begins November 13

No tax identity cards for general taxpayers this year

FE Report | Published: September 19, 2018 10:12:06 | Updated: September 20, 2018 10:13:50

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The National Board of Revenue (NBR) will organise a weeklong tax fair in all divisional cities across the country from November 13.

The tax fair will be held in 56 district towns for four days and in 32 upazilas for two days.

Moreover, mobile tax fairs will be held in 70 upazilas for one day, officials said.

Taxpayers will receive tax cards for payment of highest and long-term income tax on the occasion of the fair.

However, the NBR will not give tax identity cards to the general taxpayers this year.

Officials said the board has decided to discontinue distribution of the tax ID cards after it found no utilisation of such cards rather than wasting taxpayers' money.

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2017-18, the NBR handed over tax ID cards to all taxpayers.

On November 12, some 141 tax cards will be distributed among individuals, banks, non-banking financial institutions and taxpayers under other categories.

The NBR will hand over tax cards to 76 individuals. Of them, some 23 will get tax cards under special category and 53 on the basis of their profession or source of income.

Companies under banking, non-banking and telecommunications will receive 53 tax cards. Taxpayers under other categories will receive 12 tax cards.

The NBR will hand over tax cards on the basis of income tax payment in FY 2017-18. However, the tax cards will remain valid for FY 2018-19.

Tax card holders have to return the tax card to the NBR within one week of expiry of its validity, officials said.

The tax authorities will also hand over tax cards to the taxpayers for highest and long-term payment of taxes in district level. Seven individuals from each of the district will receive the honour.

Of the seven taxpayers, three will be highest tax-paying individuals (male), one highest tax-paying female taxpayers, one highest tax-paying young taxpayers (below 40 years) and two long-term taxpayers.

To get nominations as the highest taxpayers, an individual must have regular tax payment record for the last three consecutive years.

However, long-term taxpayers have to pay tax on regular basis in the last fifteen consecutive years.

The district-level tax card holders will get invitation from district administration in all types of national programmes and citizen receptions at district and city corporation level. However, consent from the cabinet division will be needed for sending the invitations.

The NBR will observe national income tax day on November 30, 2018. However, tax day is the last day or deadline for submission of income tax returns by individual taxpayers for FY 2018-19.

After the deadline, taxpayers have to pay penal taxes for submitting tax returns.

In the tax fair, the NBR will give audio-visual presentation on tax education.

As per tax card rules, tax card holders will get invitations in state programmes, enjoy priority in purchasing tickets for air, water and rail routes, use VIP lounge of airports, enjoy priority for himself/herself and his/her family members in cabin booking in the government hospitals and can enjoy priority to book all types of residential hotels including luxurious ones.


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