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35th BCS viva result

| Updated: October 16, 2017 18:26:05

35th BCS viva result
BANGLADESH Public Service Commission (BPSC) published its 35th BCS circular on August 23, 2014. Following the preliminary and written tests, it conducted viva voce exam of 6,088 candidates in the month of April, 2016. Already 110 days have passed but the results of viva are yet to be announced. 
In the mean time BPSC has issued notification for the written test for the 36th BCS examinations which will be held on September 01, 2016. Under the circumstances, those who appeared at the 35th BCS viva tests and those who qualified for the 36th BCS preliminary exam are suffering from indecision as to what they should do. Preparation for the 36th BCS written test depends on their results. BPSC, one of the constitutional institutions, is expected to be more accountable, prompt and transparent. We, the 6,088 candidates of 35th BCS viva, humbly request the officer in charge of result publication to publish the 35th BCS viva result in no time.
Md. AB Siddik
IBA Hostel, Dhaka

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