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A migrant's success story in Japan

Md. Nurul Islam | Published: August 18, 2018 00:12:29

A migrant's success story in Japan

Sometimes a simple example can lead to pushing ahead towards making a big achievement. Such an instance has been created by a little girl focusing on the employment market in Japan.

Bangladesh has been sending manpower to Japan since 1990 with a modest number every year. But the Bangladeshi youths are yet to prove their importance to the Japanese employers. Competitors from different other countries like China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia are occupying the labour market of Japan in different sectors. Bangladesh has taken various initiatives towards promoting employment branding in a few trades. Such initiatives recently made headway with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Japanese government and agreements with JITCO and IM Japan. Two batches of Technical Interns have already been sent to Japan by this time and the third batch are undergoing language training. In the first batch, one female candidate was selected. She was named 'Nasreen'. From the very beginning of the selection, she proved herself as a promising and outstanding candidate for the programme in the entire recruitment process. After arrival in Japan, she scored the extraordinary marks during the collective training programme among the participants from all other countries.

She says, "I was a simple girl from a family of very low-income level. Among four offspring of my parents, I am the youngest. But I always keep the confidence and trust that I will do something exceptional and accomplishing in life. I was always meticulous and sincere to my work. I believe that my dream will turn into reality someday. I completed my BBA and was interested in making different types of artistic handicrafts and engaged in culinary art which need some extra money. I always involved myself as a private tutor to earn that money".

Telling about the engagement with IM Japan, she said, "I received a magical phone call from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) telling me that I was selected primarily for IM Japan's 1st batch of technical interns. Then we had an orientation programme on 13/03/2017. They recruited 16 male and one female trainees out of 200 participants. It was very difficult for me being the lone woman candidate. But I was committed and confident to be selected through math, language and physical tests. We started learning Japanese language, radio exercise and cultural activities training at the Bangladesh-German Technical Training Centre (BGTTC) from 23/04/2017 and successfully finished it by receiving a certificate from the BMET. Finally, I got the chance to fly to Japan on 23/11/2017."

"Now I am working in Tokyo as a technical trainee; my company name is Buil Net maintenance group. I am always trying my best to do. Now I have a big dream that I must do something for my country, for the society and for the people. I have a vision that one day I will be an owner of a famous restaurant. I also like to help those in need through social work."

With the utmost satisfaction over the performance of Nasreen, Chief Executive Officer of IM Japan said, "We want more Nasreens from Bangladesh". He is arranging admission of Nasreen to the most prestigious university in Japan, the Tokyo University, for the Japanese language course. Not only that, he decided to manage stipend for her from a philanthropic charity organisation to support financial requirements for her study. After language training Nasreen wishes to be an interpreter and translator which is a very high salaried job in Japan. He introduced her as his granddaughter and invited her to the official dinner with the Bangladesh delegation. He also visited the house of Nasreen at Sutrapur, Dhaka during his visit to Bangladesh.

Nasreen has brightened the image of Bangladesh and Bangladeshis in Japan, enhancing the interest of Japanese employers in regard to employing more manpower from Bangladesh. She is earning about Tk. 1.5 million yearly. This is a clear model of accomplishment in the migration arena. 


Dr. Md. Nurul Islam, Director, Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET)

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