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Accidents at railway crossings

Accidents at railway crossings

Accidents on the railway tracks, mainly at level crossings, have become quite frequent in the country, causing deaths and injuries to people as well as damages to properties. According to the Bangladesh Railway officials, 80 per cent of level crossings had been illegally set up in different places across the country while the Bangladesh Railway had gatekeepers at less than 15 per cent of level crossings.

A few days ago I saw a private car being saved near the Mogh Bazar railway crossing at the last moment when a fast moving train was approaching. Later the law-enforcers came forward and fined the guilty driver. Besides, quite often we see people talking or listening to music on their mobile phones while crossing the road. We also regularly read about the accidents when people or vehicles cross railway crossings ignoring safety signals. No law can help us if the citizens are not aware of things to be done before crossing railway signals. People must be careful of the potential risks involved and exercise utmost restraint while walking or driving through railway crossings. Train accidents occur at level crossings without safety fences and the drivers and pedestrians have a tendency not to follow the rules while crossing the railway lines. Despite persistent reports in the media on tragic deaths or injuries at railway crossings, it is sad that the authorities are not coming forward with a definite action plan for the safety of the people.


Mohammad Sohel Hara

Bonosree, Dhaka

[email protected]

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