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An adage in vogue long before Trump

An adage in vogue  long before Trump

Jamal Khashoggi, a great journalist of Saudi Arabia, was brutally killed inside the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, Turkey on Oct 3 last. Since then, the Aljazeera TV channel of Qatar has been relentlessly and comprehensively reporting about the incident. Of course, the report has been also highly objective. Turkish government has also been investigating the case with all seriousness. The whole world has condemned the killing. Now the question is: At whose order such a gruesome murder might occur inside the consulate of a country. No investigation is required. It is crystal clear that Khashoggi was murdered at the order of a high-up from the Saudi government. It is not possible to find that villain unless the Saudi government comes forward to reveal the truth. Time will say if the truth shall prevail.

At the early stage of the incident U.S President Donld Trump expressed anguish and almost assured of creating pressure upon the Saudi government for bringing out the truth. But now there has been a big change in his tone. He has very frankly admitted that he cannot transgress the border line of the diplomatic relation which would antagonise Saudi Arabia. The U.S.A has an impending deal of selling arms worth over U.S $ 100 billion. Moreover, Trump needs the Saudi ruler by his side for containing Iran, the so-called arch enemy of the USA. Trump is directly blamed for this negative attitude about this brutal killing because of his theory or Philosophy, 'America First'. Here lies the billion dollar question.

The U.S administration has always been serious and carefully pursuing the adage of 'America First'. In this connection it may be said that every country is likely to give top priority to its own interest. However, Trump does not have the talent of concealing an issue inside and expose the same in a different rhetoric.. Ever since the USA established its position as the number one global power both militarily and economically, it has been acting in the manner it has thought necessary for its own country. During the second world war, Germany surrendered in April 1945. Japan was on retreat. Yet on August 45 the USA dropped two atomic bombs on two cities -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- without thinking about the humanity because it resulted in killing thousands of innocent people.

It showed its power to the world. The headquarters of the League of Nations was set up in Geneva, Switzerland. But after the victory of allied powers in the second world war, the United Nations headquarters were established in New York, because the USA was the most powerful partner of the allies.      

In 1971 when the Pak army jumped upon the innocent and unarmed Bangladesh, Mr. Archer K. Blood, the U.S consul general of Dhaka, sent a report to the US government narrating the atrocities of Pak Army. Richard M. Nixan, the US President at that time, did not pay heed to it.

In July-August 1971 a World Bank team headed by M Peter Cargill visited the then occupied East Pakistan and found signs of manmade devastations and he submitted reports accordingly. But it was not taken into consideration. The world mourns the death of Mr. Khashoggi. We also mourn. During the Liberation War, hundreds of Khashoggis of Bangladesh were brutally killed. But it did not melt the heart of Nixon. To him America was First.  The USA is the leader of the free world. The USA is eager to see that democracy flourishes and people enjoy human rights. But Nixon, the president of the USA, did not care for these. The Pak Army perpetrated genocide and Mr. Nixon took side with the perpetrators of genocide. Of course, at that time the world was bipolar.

Soviet Union was the leader of the second world known as the communist bloc. Since Soviet Union along with India showed sympathy towards us, Nixon became angry and he must win the power game against the Soviet Union and so he fully supported the Pak Army.   That is why Nixon did not at all think about the people and their undisputed elected leader. Democratic ideology did not carry any value and there cannot be any compromise with the adage America First. In this connection it may be mentioned that Mr. Archer K. Blood was a member of the US foreign service cadre. As Blood showed sympathy for Bangladesh, he was immediately withdrawn from Dhaka and was not given suitable position. He had to wait till the Democratic party came to power. Mr. Nixon was a Republican.

The long and short of the story is that a leader or a country is friendly and sympathetic to the other to the extent it does not affect its own interest.

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