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Concept and Strategy of Application

| Updated: March 12, 2022 00:15:41

Concept and Strategy of Application

For the first time in Bangladesh, a major research-oriented informative book titled: 'Janosangjog: Dharona o Proyog Koushal' (Public Relations: Concept and Strategy of Application) just came out in recent times.
The book has been authored by Mirza Tarequl Qader, the executive director (ED) of BIJEM, a media-related educational institute. Mirza Tareq is also a renowned public relations officer (PRO) as well as an author and researcher.
Issues like evolution and development of public relations, definition, communication, brand and brand communication, duties and responsibilities of PR officials, their qualities, press release and photography, PR photography, press conference, art of advertisement, media relations, image, crisis management as well as home magazine, book publication, information and communication technology (ICT), important terminologies, matters relating to PR and mass media have been incorporated in the book.
Besides, 21 valuable interviews of the country's noted educationists, journalists, PR and communication experts as well as branding specialists have been accommodated in the 856-page book, consisting of 22 chapters.
The book contains valuable statements, opinions and latest information of world renowned PROs, communication specialists, journalists, brand specialists, famous photographers, book and publication specialists, ICT experts and different well-known personalities.
The book will help improve skills of the country's PR professionals, communication and information officials and branding executives. It will be of immense benefit to the teachers and students of journalism department of different universities while pursuing their educational and research-related activities.

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