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Goats will not come to expose Motiurs all the time

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It has earned the notoriety of chhagalkando (goat affair). A member of parliament of the ruling party has given credit to the goat for exposing Motiur Rahman, an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) official alleged to have acquired mountainous proportion of wealth and property ---moveable and immoveable. The MP has lamented that it needed a goat to do the task where the government security agencies failed. He added rather sarcastically that let there be no role to be played by a goat or any other speechless animal in unmasking the Motiurs in government service involved in such crime and corruption. It must be done by people in charge.

The whereabouts of this by now infamous ACC official are yet to be known. Rumours are swirling about him. Security agencies have reportedly confirmed he has not left the country because his official passport has not been used at any port---air or land---before leaving the country. Another report says he might have left the country through Akhaura border check post by using a different passport. Given the intriguing nature of corrupt officials, they are likely to keep their escape route open in case their widespread malpractice gets exposed. Former police chief Nanazir Ahmed had reportedly got civilian passport with false information issued when he was in service. Obviously, he used his power and influence to obtain such a fake passport.

Motiur seems to be slyer and wilier. He bought property mostly in the name of his two wives, sons and daughters, his brother, sister and other relatives. His devious mind took as much care as possible to evade notice. Also, it has now started coming out that this man formed a syndicate within the ACC. This bunch of dishonest officials defied the rule of not serving more than two years ---in rare cases three years ---at the same work station. Under leadership of Motinur who knew where to knock and stop not only his own transfer order but also those of members of his syndicate, they served in the same workplace.

Thus the syndicate became powerful and cornered honest and innocent officials. Allegedly, he even hired journalists of questionable ethics to produce false reports against honest officials to harry them. Looks like he was successful in his foul play. Now this is tragic indeed! Not only were the honest officials victimised for their honesty but also the reign of corruption, bullying and indiscipline in the watchdog body got currency. What is baffling though is that none of the victims ever showed the courage to report to higher officials. Why?


It is clear that Motiur's malpractices were an open secret. The question is, was the chairman of the watchdog body unaware of the rise of such a monster in the system? If ACC can be made a breeding ground for corruption, what about other departments and agencies? A sacrificial goat or a bull will not be involved in all such cases to point accusing fingers at the culprits. It is honest and patriotic heads of organisations, who will have to clean their respective Augean stables. No agency or organisation should allow the slightest laxity to curb corruption.

If the government is serious about reining in corruption, it has to embark on such a cleaning mission of the Augean stables everywhere. Why it is urgent is clear from emergence of one after another such unclean men in power and positions. The latest such case involves an official of the National Board of Revenue (NBR). This time again, the court has ordered attachment of his huge moveable and immoveable property on the allegation that he acquired those illegally. Like Benazir, he also has several dozens of bank accounts.

Well, if there is virus in the antidote, how can the disease be cured. Bangladesh, indeed, has made a remarkable journey on course of economic progress but all this gets now undermined by widespread corruption and avarice that educated and privileged people resort to. What will hundreds of acres of land do to enhance happiness and peace of such corrupt people who are either on the run or hiding at home or abroad? It is this polluted mind and obsession for wealth that turns some people into psychopaths. This has to be cured and discouraged by taking some urgent and exemplary measures so that at least one is forced to think twice before indulging in corruption.

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