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Polluted souls

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Contamination is an act that makes something impure, dirty. People contaminate many objects mixing some impure things with them. Usually people adulterate foods. Businessmen mix small white stones with rice to increase weight, and thus give a less amount of rice than they are supposed to give the customers. They mix water, flour and other things with milk. The water that is mixed with milk is not pure, so this milk can cause a disease in the human body. As a result, consumers become losers in two ways -- they get a less amount of milk and risk falling sick despite paying the price that the seller has charged. Businessmen contaminate cooking oil adding so much harmful things to. People adulterate food items to make big profit. They add inedible dirty things to a lower amount of a food item to increase the weight. They give customers a less amount of food but get the exact price. Thus they make profit.

Man is the supreme creature in the world. Human beings are not lifeless or base creatures, rather spiritual and soulful. Other creatures are not spiritual, they only have souls. So, mankind is the supreme creature. Moreover, almighty Allah gave people conscience, morality, intelligence. He did not give these to other creatures. He graded human beings as "Ashraful Makhlukat", the best of all created.

Why are human beings supreme to all other creatures? Allah created people with some virtues, gave them scriptures, the holy book Al Qur'an, to learn from. As they are blessed with the Al Qur'an, a holy book from Almighty Allah, enriched with all messages, those are much more important blessings for human beings.

The question is: after having all good things from Allah and being blessed by Allah, how could this Ashraful Makhlukat become dishonest and involved with different kinds of crime?

People do all harmful deeds for other people. People also manufacture medicines of lower quality. These medicines sometimes cannot cure diseases. Almost every thing people use is adulterated. People do these jobs. But how have the people stooped to such meanness?

They have souls, spirit, conscience. Some messengers came from Allah with scriptures and taught human beings all things instructed by Allah.

There are no crimes that people do not commit. People kill other people, steal their belongings, take bribes, file wrong cases against others, deprive others from his / her legal rights, embezzle money, gold and other things, grab other people's land, house, etc. Misbehaviour to other people is a common and regular matter. People also do harm to his motherland/ nation. They turn traitors and get involved in mischievous acts. They make friendship with the nation's enemies. Rajakar, Albadr, Al Shams are some of the examples. Mir Jafar Ali Khan is another example dating back to 1757. Traitors like them killed the Father of the Nation, the architect of the nation, "Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman".

If he did not make the country independent, the people here might not become citizens of an independent state. He (Bangabandhu) taught how to fight for the people of motherland and lead a movement for establishing the mother tongue as the state language.

It is often found that one kills one's siblings only for property. Elder sistèrs oppress younger sisters brutally only for material gain. How have they become so depraved?

Foods, lifeless objects, can be dirty, because they don't have the ability to prevent themselves from becoming impure. But human beings are not unable to restrain themselves from stooping to meanness.

So, mankind should come to senses, uphold morality, follow religious instructions and learn and also should shun selfishness and greed. May Allah forgive us.

Kaniz Fatema is a social worker and an M.A in English

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