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Artificial Intelligence transforming real estate biz

| Updated: August 23, 2019 21:42:34

Artificial Intelligence transforming real estate biz

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the breakthrough invention of technology which emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. It has the capacity to exceptionally change the way that humans interact not only in the digital world, but also with each other, through their work and surroundings institutions. 

Some years ago, the area of AI was restricted to technology and corporations, but now it has proven to be a valuable asset in health, medicine, finance, ecommerce and a variety of other industries. AI reflects abundant opportunities to create new jobs, new industries and new ways of connecting and AI is beginning to help with how the real estate industry operates in Bangladesh.

AI has been playing an important role in real estate industry through e-commerce property portals. At first international e-commerce property portal themove.com created history with the introduction of robot named 'Amy' created by AI. Following this, many companies are now starting to utilise AI to give an efficient and pleasant experience to their customers. In recent years, AI is also making vital changes in Bangladesh's real estate sector.

Historically, people who want to buy property had no other option but to visit places and find property individually. Today however they can easily see thousands of property just by clicking on their mobile anytime, anywhere through companies such as Bproperty.com. AI is then playing a vital role in how consumers view properties. These intelligent business systems are making important decisions or performing vital action on behalf of humans while offering a personalised experience, making the research process for property options very efficient.

The largest e-commerce real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, Bproperty is providing a lot of services powered by AI to customers. By processing millions of diversely sourced data points, Bproperty can quickly and easily allow the consumers to view the right property options for them based on their specific requirements, giving consumers real estate options that it would not have discovered previously when they had to find these options themselves.

Another advantage of using AI is that, seller or buyer does not need to spend extra time researching and validating information on properties; sellers do not need to invest or waste time for people who have no intention of buying a property. This efficient process can be accessed through Bproperty.

Technology doesn't require any human interference and can easily handle multiple consumers at the same time, delivering the same service efficiently.

In real estate there will always be a need for real estate agents to meet face to face with customers, answer questions, show properties, solve legal issues etc. This process however is made more efficient and more effective through the use of technology and AI by ensuring that time is spent on the right tasks, and serving customers. This customer-first approach which is adopted by Bproperty proves that technology can be used effectively whilst still giving the personalised experience to finding a home that Bangladesh has dreamt of for years.

In case of buying and selling property, there are lots of issues related with transparency and providing trustworthy information and services.  In this case, leading property portal Bproperty is dealing with all of these issues, providing a world class solution to consumers and giving them the security they need in order to transact with the real estate industry.

So, artificial intelligence is transforming our daily life by doing lots of work at a time. Real estate is headed for a digitized and automated future. AI will also play a vital role to make clients ultimately empowered to experience the buying and selling process with much less uncertainty. To buy a property people just need to decide that they are ready, for all other task they definitely rely on trustworthy real estate companies like Bproperty.

The writer is CEO, Bproperty.com.

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