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ATM cards: Security must be strengthened

| Updated: October 24, 2017 11:03:44

ATM cards: Security must be strengthened

ATM card is now being widely used by the townspeople across Bangladesh as it helps them to draw money any time during 24 hours on 365 days in a year. It saves a lot of trouble of going to a bank with a cheque during designated banking hours and standing in long queues. Withdrawing money in traditional manner usually requires a lot of time, but with an ATM card it has become very simple. Nowadays, if and when we need money, we can go to the nearest booth and draw the required amount. But lately I am constantly worried about the security of my deposit with the bank as number of fraudulent activities at ATM booths is rising alarmingly. News carried by media is awfully frightening to say the least. All the banks of the country should strengthen their security arrangements and the central bank should help the banks build a strong security system and bring back the confidence of ATM card-holders. There are about 8000 ATM booths in the country and the number is increasing as new booths are being added by all commercial banks. According to an estimate, an amount of Tk. 5.0 billion is transacted through

ATM booths every day.                                      
Nuruddin Mukul
Elephant Road, Dhaka

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