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Autism needs care and attention

| Updated: October 24, 2017 13:57:06

Autism needs care and attention

AUTISM is a developmental disorder, characterized by impaired social interaction. It is a problem with verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive behaviour and obsessive interest.  The number of autistic children in our country is increasing every day, but they are neglected in our society, even by their own families.  Many parents blame themselves for their autistic children and consider it as a divine punishment. Not to speak of common people who have very little knowledge about autism, medical science is yet to identify the reasons behind some children being autistic, and thus autistic children are not receiving the treatment they deserve. The situation is worse outside Dhaka as most of the special schools for autistic children are Dhaka-based. The schools are also expensive. In this situation, the government should come forward and set up such schools across the country and do whatever it can for the benefit of autistic children. Otherwise, they will remain condemned to a neglected life.

Ayesha Afrin
Uttara, Dhaka

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