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Bangladesh blessed with Nature's favour

| Updated: March 20, 2020 20:36:23

Bangladesh blessed with Nature's favour

At a time when many parts of this planet have been smarting under extreme or unusual weather patterns or disastrous phenomena, Bangladesh has been blessed so far with a favourable weather. Apart from a cyclone named Bulbul that ravaged some coastal districts in the country's south and south-west last year, the country has not witnessed any unusual or devastating weather. Amazon forest fire was so devastating that the entire world was concerned about the lungs of the planet. If this was not enough, Australian wildfires razing for more than a month triggered panic among environmentalists as well as common citizens not only in that continent but also all across the planet.

In contrast, a prolonged winter like those of decades before has mostly helped the cause in Bangladesh. In recent years, winter mostly passed unnoticed with just two or three days' cold spell when people in the city had to use heavy blankets or quilts. But this year, the cold spell, although not severe, was sharp enough and sustained longer than any winter one can recollect in the recent past.

This is last part of Falgun, the time for the king of season Basanta (spring) to rule. By this time every other year would have been much hotter. But until now heat has been either moderate or quite pleasant. To make the time even more welcome, the sky condescended to send rounds of drizzle or shower. When the city inhabitants were seeking a respite from severe dust pollution, the rains came unannounced as a blessing. When the surrounding was getting a little hotter, the rains came just on time to cool it.

How lovely, the dust-laden leaves of trees once again regained their natural green colour! The mango foliage and buds also lost their original colour but with the light rain washing them clean of their dust, they started giving a pleasing look. What is particularly significant is that the winter did not disappear all on a sudden. It weakened gradually and seemed unwilling to go soon. Even at the fag end of February, one perhaps needs a thin wrapper to cover one's body. At day time or in the evening, one may need the fan but not as much as if one cannot do without.

So far so good! But weather's favour is not all that people count on. The threat of a virus detected only in three persons who returned from abroad, hangs like the sword of Democles. It is stalking new areas but mercifully has spared this not so medically advanced -- and strong in terms of preparedness - overpopulous country. The good news is that two of the affected are reported to have got well and third one is stable. Let's hope, the virus spares this nation. If the Chinese physicians and scientists are correct, the threat of the virus will diminish with the arrival of summer. In this part of the world, the summer is about to arrive. The Chinese prediction is that by the middle of April, when winter will have been replaced by summer, the virus will automatically disappear as well. Let this come true.

This mean Bangladesh has passed the critical period of winter and is about to step into the realm of summer. If the country can hold out for another month against the invasion of the virus, it may maintain a clean slate. Weather has been kind to the country, now the nation will have to pray for a summer that will help it avoid a deadly virus.

In the meantime, the nation should maintain as much hygiene as possible in order to develop a habit that helps maintain distance from contamination. The health ministry in particular should circulate prominently the do's and don'ts for the public so that they know how to maintain their physical immunity from contamination of contagious diseases -not just coronavirus but also other viruses also. 

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