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Blessings for humanity

Syed Badrul Haque | Published: January 25, 2019 21:02:28 | Updated: January 25, 2019 21:04:17

Blessings for humanity

Importantly, this book adds a valuable dimension to our understanding of the meaning of the Quran.  Surely, it is imperative to know and realise the meanings and implications of the words of Allah as conveyed in the Quran for our guidance in this worldly life and Hereafter. The author has endeavoured to make the actual words of Allah in the Quran familiar to the readers, encouraging them to read from the Quran itself for their ultimate application in their lives.  The author highlights the worshipping of Allah only, not disobeying Him by the believers among the people of the book and creating the consciousness of Allah in our worldly life hoping to be rewarded in the Akhirat while living a balanced life in this world.

The present title, like his earlier ones, was coined keeping in mind the readers from non-Arabic background so that they can acquire authentic knowledge from the Quran. It should be noted that the narration in this book is not the translation of the Quran of the relevant Arabic text but points of the theme under discussion. For authentic translation, the author has used the Times New Arabic Font. It is expected that it will help the readers to refer to the Quran and come to his/her own conclusion.

The book contains seventeen chapters covering important topics like Allah, Nobiys, Rasul's life in this world, Jahannam and Jannah. It has been presented in a brilliantly simple, lucid and unaffected manner that can be readily accessed and observed. This is a quintessential quality that the author attained through his perseverance and devotion to this eternal subject spanning nearly six decades. I confidently hope that this book will be counted as another illumination for reflecting on Islam and Quran.  The book published by the APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, is available on the internet.

Syed Badrul Haque is former Public Relations Officer to the President, People's Republic of Bangladesh.


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